Colonial Blend

Colonial Blend

Duraturf® Colonial Blend is widely regarded as the ultimate selection for a low maintenance, low input grass for an outstanding fine putting surface.Duraturf®  Colonial Blend contains the cultivars Troy, Manor, Egmont and Sefton which provide genetic diversification to maximise a year-round appearance. These cultivars are all certified browntops. Duraturf®  Colonial Blend should be used any time the soil surface is ‘opened up’ such as after drought/winter or for renovations in areas such as fairways, tees or greens. 


Contains industry leading cultivars 

Genetic diversification for year-round appearance 

Good persistence in adverse conditions 

Low maintenance 

Cultivar Species
Sefton Browntop
Manor Browntop
Egmont Browntop
Troy Browntop


Application Rates

Sowing rate: 5 - 7 g/m2 (0.05 – 0.07 kg/100m2)

Oversowing: 3 - 5 g/m2 (0.03 – 0.05 kg/100m2)


Mowing height

Down to 3 mm